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Es lebe das heilige Deutschland!



German history

♔The rise of a nation in the heart of Europe♔

Hi dear visitors,

we welcome you to our German-History Group, a group for everyone all over the world who is interested in the over-2000-year-old history of Germany, its culture and beauty.

If you join us, you can submit anything that is related to Germany and of course our germanic ancestors, the early tribes that defeated the Roman Empire. Maybe you´re a fan of the teutonic knights, of Martin Luther, the 30-years war, Friedrich the Great of Prussia, the napoleonic wars, the patriotic movement of the 19th century, the Kaiserreich, the world wars or the modern Germany.
We have also place for poetry and nice texts, alternate history, maps, symbols, comics, mangas and much more.

If you have any problems or have special questions, you can ask me or any of our great history-interested members. We can also create journals, if you need the opinion of many people or wanna spread a nice information.

We all know about the 3. Reich and what happened in this time, as a German I have to say some words about it. No one denies any crimes, and I don´t allow any hate art, but the 3. Reich is part of our history, too and I will not forbid pictures of that time, except if they are hate-art. If you don´t agree, send me a private message and I will check it of course.

Another thing I wanna say is, even though, or especially because I have a patriotic feeling for my proud fatherland, I respect all other cultures of the world, too. Every culture is unique and beautiful and I want that we all can respect each other and be good friends.
But if anyone will offend my country or my ancestors without a really good reason, I won´t allow it.

And now enjoy our small community and be creative :flagofgermany: by capncraka




The ways of the Germans, a short compilation of the german history:


What is Germany and who are the Germans?

This is a really complicated question, but I will try to answer it.

Germany was for a long time a politically not united nation, it was mostly split in many great and small states, which emerged from the old germanic tribes of the:
Sachsen (Northwestgermany, later moved also to East-Germany)
Franken (along the Rhein river, central Germany and parts of North Bavaria)
Allemannen (Southwestgermany, Elsass-Lothringen and Switzerland)
Bajuwaren (Bavaria and Austria)

During the Middle-Age the 1. Reich was founded in 962 AD, it was named the "Holy Roman Empire", because the Germans felt as the heirs of the old Roman Empire. When the italian states were lost it was named "holy roman empire of german nation".

This empire lasted until 1806, when Napoleon forced the last Kaiser Franz II of Austria, a member of the Habsburg family that ruled the german states for nearly 500 years, to abolish the Reich.

After Napoleon was defeated in 1815, the German Federation was created, and patriotic movements forced the kings and princes to think about a united german fatherland.

It took until 1871, when Otto von Bismarck helped Preußen (Prussia) uniting most of the german states after 3 short wars against Denmark, Austria and France.
The 2. Reich was born and Wilhelm I king of Prussia, became the new Kaiser of Germany. The Kaiserreich is famous for brilliant scientists, inventions, cultural development and a strong military.

But the 2. Reich ended after the awful 1. world war, a war caused by the nationalism and arrogance of every european empire or nation. The Versailles dictate threw the young german republic after 1918 into such a deadly crisis, that radical political powers could rise, like the Communists and the Nazis.

In 1933, Hitler founded the 3. Reich. The people trusted him, because he wanted to undo the Versailles dictate, get back the stolen territories, unite Austria with Germany and give the people food and jobs.
Sadly he showed in 1939 his real face and killed millions of people in the worst war Europe has ever seen. After the war in 1945, Germany was bombed down, split in two and ruined.

But it was not the end of Germany. The Germans didn´t give up and with financial help in the west from the USA could rise again as a new republic, that united with the communist part in 1990, and dominates today Europe economically.

That´s a very short overview, of the german history. So what and who can we call german and Germans?

The german patriots who never had a political united nation before said:
Germany is, where the german language and culture exists. This contains all regions and people from Südtirol (South Tyrol) in the Alps to the North Sea,
and all people from the Rhein to the Oder.
The eastern territories were lost, when the allied allowed Stalin to expell and kill 15 million Germans from their homes in the east.

And that is, why you can submit to our group, also austrian or swiss pictures, as they´re part of the german culture and language area.

The dutch left the Reich in 1648 and moved on their own path of history from then on, so we can´t include them sadly.


Das Lied der Deutschen - The song of the Germans

This is the song of the Germans, made in 1841 by Hoffmann von Fallersleben, today only the 3rd part of it is used as the national anthem. The part "Deutschland über Alles = Germany above everything", doesn´t mean, that Germany is better than other nations, but von Fallersleben meant, that a united fatherland is above any other political goal.




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A small explanation about the german accent and why speak as we speak :)

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